Winner of the PIA/GATF InterTech Technology Award, microcip® software from C&P Microsystems' allows the importation and conversion of standardized CIP/JDF files into cutting programs for the microcut PLUS WS cutter automation system, offering major advantages to users of virtually any paper cutter:

It's Easy
  • Creates cutting programs automatically, converted from .ppf, CIP or JDF files
  • Integrates with your company's network to easily transfer and adjust files
  • Employs convenient graphic interface for guide and gripper reorientation or dimensional changes
  • Requires no additional hardware or software
It's Adaptable
  • Allows most paper cutters to be upgraded to handle CIP/JDF files
  • Replaces your old technology, not your existing machinery
  • Offers the same programming and operating features, regardless of the paper cutter's make
It's Efficient
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry
  • Eliminates job errors thanks to automated conversion of files to cutter programs
  • Reduces programming time to a matter of seconds
It's Profitable
  • Frees up capital for other investments since microcip is compatible with older paper cutters (no need to purchase a new one)
  • Increases productivity - faster job completion
  • Returns the investment in eighteen months or less

We invite you to see a demonstration of how microcip can reduce your costs and benefit your company today.

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