Additional inputs for:
  • Covers
  • Shear bolt(s)
  • E-stop
  • Foot treadle
  • Air paddle
  • Autotrim style table
  • Oil filter
  • Open inputs for future expansion
Additional output control for:
  • Second air zone
  • Load control
  • Autotrim style table
  • Air motor control
Standard Features:
  • B65 Control PCB
  • Controls all clamping, cutting and safety pin operation. Safety and expansion CPU's for monitoring, cross verification and full machine control.

  • Knife position monitor
  • Monitors and sends knife motion and position status to the control system.

  • Power panel
  • Interfaces the AC power components Main motor Air motor Circut breakers (H3 drive and DC power supplies)

  • Safety curtains
  • The system can interface with a multiple of curtain options.

Sensors that need to be provided or the sensors from the original machine that will be used: Cut buttons, safety pin full in and full out, clamp treadle up, hand wheel sensor and shear bolt sensor(s)

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